Wherein two strangers met in an out-of-town conference, will they be able to meet love as well?

15025233_1753563481636092_4864485873968474697_o.jpgCourtesy – Facebook

The Ateneo senior high school students were pumped up to see the movie premiere of Mrs. Jill Palarca’s romantic comedy film “Huwag na lang” starring one of the prettiest, most handsome and charismatic teachers in senior high Mr. Mika-el  del Corro and Ms. Arvy Mallari.

As the two were set off to an out-of-town conference they unexpectedly met in awkward situation where April (Ms. Arvy) sat at the lobby where she heard Mikky (Mr. Mika) talking to his friend on the phone about girls and certain ‘hipon’ jokes.

April who is much interested in social media, blogged about her ideal man in which Mikky happens to be in the lobby and also talked about his type of girl, he sat beside april which initiates a ‘special’ bond of communication between the two. Clearing some misunderstanding towards the ‘hipon’ joke part, the two started talking with each other until realizing how similar they can be.

The film was given lots of excellent feedbacks due to its relation between social media and reality status that catches the heart of the audience, and also to the cast who gave a lot of effort to make the story happen in which many people could relate to it because it’s a modern-day love story.

People might also analyze the story about the similarities and differences between the two, which gives a lot of impact to the couples’ relationship. It shows the other person’s perspective about having relationship whether it’s romantic, exciting and etc. and how their perception in politics or social media related will affect between the others’ opinion.

It also gives value of knowing others’ personality traits and that having differences might be complicated between two people and it will give more challenges to their relationship. But it’s interesting yet difficult to know and learn the others’ true personality.

It gives us the message of how communicating can be intriguing yet difficult and more powerful to those who plan to have a relationship.

-Erin Melendres


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