I defend the nature, would you defend it too?

15039659_1247896648602120_8212171586907093506_o.jpgCourtesy – Facebook

This short film “Tanum” was created by EJ Fernandez in which he is a writer who come up with the concept for the environment. He is also one of the participants from Davao City with his co-writer Jermaine Tulbo. In their short film, it started with a man searching for something without knowing what is he searching for. He found himself running and lost in the middle of the city wherein he tried to find solution of what he is searching for.

He again act searching for what he was searching. He then found himself as savior of the environment, to return what the environment had given us, by fighting for what is the rightful for the environment.

The film convey a hidden perspective of loving and nurturing nature. In the real scenario of nature, destroying it is the works of human being to give themselves a living without even thinking for the generations to come, to see nature and its loving presence, to give emphasis of what nature is trying to tell us and of how we should act as the defender of the earth. In the film, the actions that was being done conveying the purpose of the film was in the perspective of fighting the ones who is contradictory with the environment. The planting of the banana tree also had the great impact on carrying the message.

The viewers might understand this as a comedy film where in the making, the writer was included in the making of the film itself. Also, in the first insight, it may be interpreted as a dramatic film that consist of a terror end. It maybe interpreted as an action film which consist of variety of actions like running and vitality.

It consist of the true meaning of human life, to preserve the means of nature and care for it but yet it gives the needs of the people without even returning what is due to the nature as well. It was presenting of how we treat our environment and how we act on it not thinking of what will be the outcome of our works.

In this message, we should take care of the nature because it slowly depleting the resources we have and by the end we still need resources from the nature today and the future generations to come. Only by nature we can get these resources we have and valued the most.

-Reindell Jan Lim


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