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The film was captured by the Guerilla Filmation, they create short films that allow us to enjoy and analyze their work. The Father’s Promise took only a few minutes and a lot of effort to make, it was one of their work that gave us the full attention and wonder. It caused many people to wonder what it was all about at the beginning since the first scene was him having an injury and tries his best to do well on the field. It gets interesting when the flashback started, how he loved his work more than his family. That he made promises to his daughter to watch her game but failed to fulfill it. It wasn’t the first time he has broken a promise to his family. However, the family got sick of his attitude and how he never fulfilled his promises for his daughter. The father tried to tell them that he was doing it(work) for them. Sadly, when they had an argument and the wife and the daughter had to run away using the car, the father came with them and argued in the car while the daughter in the back seat tried to stop the fight, without knowing that a huge truck is going to hit them.

15259769_1820929514856734_9265253074602202_oCourtesy – Facebook

The tone of the movie was like having a slow motion in time, where he finds his inspiration to move forward and never stop until he reached the end of the loop with open arms and his family waiting there, where all his imaginations end. I am not sure if it was based on a true story or fiction kind of film. The actors and actresses are like professionals to hear and how they act. They gave so much emotions and serious tones in each scenes. The director gave me that “shooting angle” like I was there in the part and how the lights in the flashback looks so old and realistic. The music in the other hand, was a bit dramatic when the girl sang(though her voice was great) while the film was still on flashback and how it moved so fast. I also want to say that the film was compelling. However If I were to criticize the movie, I would like to add more scenes after the accident on how they got to the hospital, how the father only survived and how the father got through all that, did he undergo depression? Guilt? Stopped work for a month or so? However, the film was flawless, and touching that I wouldn’t expect more. After all they’ve been through I think that it was all worth it based on the movie, the edits the crew made and on the restless days of filming.

-Jheny Pearl Villanueva


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