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The studio behind this great film “Halug” is the Patitoy Production. It is starred by Jaykong Duran, Alex Barrios, Oggy Restullas and Demarione Magaway. It is directed by Gian Enrique and it is written by him also. The movie is produced by Patitoy Production.

For me, the creative techniques use is that they chose the right people who can portray their own role properly. They chose the right people who can show their sense of humor properly to the audience. Without even letting them talk, you will know right away that they are going to make you laugh. Music is also one of the creative techniques they used in the film. They chose the reggae as their genre of music for the film because of the characters that look like they have an interest in reggae because of the dreadlocks hair that the two of the characters have. They also chose the right genre of music because it creates a positive a feeling for the audience that can make them happy and that make them laugh all the time while watching the film.

Some people might understand the message as something that is bad because of how the characters act in the film. The audience might look at them as someone who is planning to kidnap a child because of how the three characters sneaks in always to the child but when really the intention of one of the three characters is just to be with his son because he is separated by the father of the mother’s son because the father said to him that he cannot support them financially.

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The values, lifestyles and points of view of the film is that it wants to show the true meaning of love of the father for his son. It also wants to show the true meaning of life that no matter what problems you might have or you are dealing with, you just have to go with the flow of it. The purpose of the film is to send a message to the audience that even though a person is always happy, laughing or making lots of jokes doesn’t mean that they are not experiencing problem or pain. They are doing these things just to hide the pain that they are experiencing. The film is also trying to say that sometimes the happiest people are the saddest, they pretend they are happy because they know what sadness feels like.

–  Christian Miguel Sabatin


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