This short film is full of humorous and funny contents in which it is relatable and extremely hilarious. Its uniqueness can be deciphered due to its narration and technique of film making which is different from other short films in the filmathon. The title can be translated to the English as “The Intelligent Narrator” for those who are wondering what Hanas and Masusugid means in english. The story begins with Mia, a teenager who is professional narrated by a narrator in her daily activities through the whole week. In most common stories the main character is the one who is controlling the narrator but in this short film the narrator dictates what she is supposed to do and ends up looking like a puppet like human who is ready to perform what ever the narrator says.

15156893_218048538621118_5794541772571665814_o.jpgCourtesy – Facebook

Yes, the film is hilarious with its jokes and great acting skills portrayed but there’s a subliminal meaning of the film in the reality of our society today. Mia acts as the puppet and the narrator controls Mia as the commander/dictator of whatever the narrator wants. This film reflects the sad truth in our society despite its humorous appeal to audiences. Due to the narrator’s accent and way of speaking in the film which is commanding or ordering the main character to perform what he says which interprets how media works in our society. We shouldn’t beleive everything in the media because some of these contents are hoax and threats in our living.

Despite the blind audiences seeing the truth behind this wonderful film we often just laugh at it and act as if it is useless and just for entertainment purposes. It really depends on the perspective of the person to critique something, but in this film it is clear that narrator controls the lives of the people in it. (such as Mia and her Sibling)

In this film we can also see the common issue of teenagers nowadays which is Identity crisis. This film insists teenagers to find their true self and not let others decide on who or what should they become. “Nobody knows yourself more than your own” is what the film is trying to speak out to its audience.

Turns out this film really shines to share the creativity, talent, appreciation, deep understanding and thoughtful thinking of its audience. Living in a body and not doing the things that you want is like a decayed body in a coffin waiting to be gone. Do what makes you happy and don’t let others hinder you to become the real you.

-Gerald Tan Bulahan


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